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****New For 2017****

When Things Go Wrong

For far too long the firearms community has considered force on force training to be
"advanced training for advanced students". But everyday ordinary citizens travel out into the world carrying a firearm. What is more advanced than that? A citizen who has decided to take a concealed carry class or open carry's suddenly decides their training is good enough. And that they are ready for whatever the world presents them.
Perceptive Strategics has developed a new training class where students will process real world scenarios. Here they will find emotional intensities brought to the range that will feel as if you were in a violent encounter.  Students will be involved in situations that will require quick thinking, verbal interactions, and rapid flight or fight decision making.
How will you really react when your life or a loved ones life is on the line? What will be the legal ramifications for the decision you made? How can you avoid or de-escalate the situation all together? How will the skills you've learned play out in a real life scenario? These are all questions that will be pressure tested and answered during the course.
Please check out the FAQ's CHP/FOF section for class requirements.
This is an 8-10 hour course typically held on Saturday or Sunday
$275 per student
Individual and group training available

Just like any other craft or trade, you train to become efficient.  Don't limit yourself by simply thinking you know everything because a family member showed you how to shoot a gun once.